The Association “Polish Recycling” is closely watching recent reports on waste fires exploding in many places in Poland. We point out, however, that these events occur not only in landfills, but also in collection points, sorting plants or RIPOK\’s. They are burning, among others mixed waste, hard to recycle plastics, tires, waste prepared for cement works as an alternative fuel.

Thus, the cause of fires can not be unambiguously determined without an individual approach to each event. For the recycling industry, this is always a waste of secondary raw materials, regardless of whether they are compressed waste prepared for sale or high-calorie storage materials. Fires in landfills are a huge problem for both citizents and waste treatment plants, finance the recovery sector and have a negative impact on the local environment. We hope that the development of the recycling industry will be a response to the growing threats posed by the waste management associated with growing consumption.

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