On October 12 there was a debate “Rzeczpospolita”: Circulal Economy moderated by Michał Niewiadomski. This was the first debate of “Rzeczpospolita”, during which experts talked about “circular economy”.

The discussion was about questions: What should be done to make our economy start moving towards a closed loop? What are the challenges for Poland, in terms of administration, business and society? The role of experts appeared: Łukasz Sosnowski from the Ministry of Development, Agata Staniewska from CEC Government Relations, Przemysław Hopfer from KGHM Metraco, Irena Pichola from Delloite, Agnieszka Sznyk from the Institute of Innovative Economy and Szymon Dziak-Czekan from the Polish Recykling Association.Debate to play at the following address: http://www.rp.pl/Gospodarka/171019753-Debata-Rzeczpospolitej-Gospodarka-Obiegu-Zamknietego.html

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