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Association "Polish Recycling"

It was established in 2015. The organization brings together waste recycling companies. It responds to the need to create representation for the sector in public life. The Association's main goal is to be a credible and responsible voice of the recycling industry by representing the common problems and interests of the industry before government bodies, institutions and governmental and non-governmental organizations.



As an important goal, the Association considers the promotion of recycling as the most environmentally beneficial waste treatment process and ensuring sustainable production. Only the joint action of the entire industry will allow more effective representation of its interests, as well as the development of such legal and administrative solutions that will allow the optimal conduct of business in full compliance with environmental requirements The participation of both large and small companies allows better development and presentation of the positions of the entire industry and representation of the interests of all companies.

The Association has a Legislative Committee, where all members can develop common legal and technical positions.


Statutory Objectives

  • Representing the common interests of the industry by interacting with various institutions, government and local administrations and business entities in Poland and the European Union.
  • Carrying out activities for the development and promotion of recycling and environmental protection.
  • Actively participate in consultations on new regulations throughout the recycling and environmental legislative process.
  • Promote recycling and environmental protection by fostering cooperation between academia and industry. Advising and supporting individuals and businesses related to the industry.
  • Educate the public on waste management in its broadest sense, including recycling and environmental protection.

  • Supporting other activities in the area of waste treatment and environmental protection.
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