Act of April 7, 1989


The functioning of the Association is strictly regulated by Polish law.

Polish Recycling

In order to apply for membership in the Association, it is necessary to read and accept the statute and send a membership declaration. After the Association's Board of Directors has favorably reviewed the application, and received the three required recommendations from Ordinary Members, the new member is required to abide by the Articles of Association, actively participate and pay the membership fee. For more information, contact the Association directly:

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Polish Recycling

Become part of the association

Association "Polish Recycling" informs that the organization provides for two types of membership. In order to achieve its statutory goals, the "Polish Recycling" Association primarily brings together recycling companies in Poland. These companies, have "Supporting Member" status. In accordance with Polish law, and above all with the Law of April 7, 1989 Law on Associations (Journal of Laws 1989 No. 20 item 104), such members, formally, have no voting rights. Therefore, each company joining the Association "Polish Recycling" may designate two of its representatives who are natural persons, who become "Ordinary Members" - with voting rights.

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