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We are pleased to announce that TEKOpro sp. has joined the Polish Recycling Association. z o.o., who took over the role of Patron of our organization. This is the second Partner Company with which we cooperate and together we strive to develop the recycling industry in Poland.

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The company is a leader in the industry of innovative and effective solutions for optimizing the mechanical processing of waste, especially those intended for recycling or recovery.
For almost 20 years, he has been gaining experience in the field of shredding, separation of various waste streams – industrial and municipal, mechanical cleaning without the use of water, waste intended for recycling and many unusual solutions used, e.g. in the packaging, tobacco, military and even aviation industries, in which there are no compromises.

TEKOpro also specializes in mechanical material handling. Regardless of whether in the process they would like to feed car bodies to a shredder, foil beams to a shredder, foil flakes for regranulation with accurate weight measurement, but also regranulate to a silo or bags.
NO solution is too small for TEKOpro.
“Sometimes replacing a seemingly insignificant element of a line affects the effective operation of the whole.”

For several years, the company has been offering hydraulic briquetting and draining presses for various applications.

TEKOpro offers comprehensive service, including not only the sale of devices, installation, service and spare parts, but above all, reliable advice. They support over 800 installations in the country.
You can spend a million dollars to design a pen that will work well in space by feeding ink onto the ball or… take a pencil. It’s worth knowing two possibilities!

TEKOpro represents renowned German manufacturers such as WEIMA, SPALECK®, WESTERIA® and STEINER®.

They offer high-quality equipment for the treatment of municipal, industrial and large-sized waste. They specialize in the preparation of alternative fuels and industrial data destruction. TEKOpro provides independent consulting and configuration of comprehensive solutions that meet even the most demanding customer needs.

If you are looking for specific solutions for waste processing, recovery or recycling, TEKOpro offers support not only in the selection of devices, but also in the design of complete technological lines.

We warmly welcome TEKOpro among the Patrons of our Association
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the company’s offer and on the websites of our Partners.

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